Eine Erfolgsgeschichte seit 1897


From the X-ray devices to geared motors

Dr. Max Levy founded the Motorenwerk in 1887 for the development and production of X-ray equipment - the first specialist company of its kind in Germany. In 1914, the Berlin-based company expanded its product range to include drive technology for machine tools, generators, sewing machines and fans. After Levy died in 1932 from the consequences of his experiments with X-rays, the company was renamed a year later: Tornado electric motors - named after the successfully marketed fans.

Tornado Antriebstechnik has over 100 years of experience in innovation. Again and again we convince our customers with cost-efficient solutions at the cutting edge of technology. The focus is on the manufacture of gearboxes and geared motors for a wide range of industrial applications. We use modern development, manufacturing and testing technologies for our design and production. In addition to our integrated management system and a precisely coordinated process chain, these technologies contribute to quality assurance. Our exceptionally high vertical range of manufacture makes us the specialist for gear drive solutions from 60 to 5000 watts.

Many of our employees have many years of experience in the development and manufacture of drive technology. We purposefully combine this experience with innovations by young junior staff. This combination enables us to develop and produce progressive and competitive solutions.

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