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Drives for Passenger Lifts


Limited space requires innovative solutions. A cabin lift in your own home (platform lift, home lift) or a hybrid of a lift and a stair lift (LULA) are solutions that enable people to move around their homes barrier-free. Tornado is proud that its drive technology is used in these lifts worldwide. The lifts are EN81-1/2 certified and run at a maximum speed of 0.15 meters per second. Our drives are also suitable for lifts series certified according to ASME A17.1/CSA B44 (USA, Canada).

This is an electric drive with frequency control. The design can be very different whether it is a spindle drive, belt system, chain system or direct drive, the decisive factor being the specifications of the room and the customer.


Drives for Small & Freight Lifts


The small goods lifts have a payload of up to 300 kg and are mainly found in hotels, office buildings, restaurants and hospitals as well as on ships. The freight lifts have a payload of up to 2.000 kg and can be used with or without escort.

For small goods and freight lifts, Tornado offers special drive solutions (also called drives) TW and TD-Series.

The TW belongs to the right-agnle gearbox with customer-specific gear housings and is based on a single-stage worm gearbox with AC motor, holding brake and handwheel.

The TD-Series (TD1.5, TD2.5, TD4.5 and TD10) belongs to the Tornado angular gear units with standard gear housing and is based on a single-stage worm gear unit with AC motor, holding brake and handwheel.

Both gearbox series are safe and reliable drive solutions, efficient, powerful, quiet and maintenance-free.

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