Drives for industrial doors

diverse applications, highest quality

Industrial doors are used in many areas, even where every second counts. For the emergency department, the fire brigade, but also for the post office and the food trade, smooth arrival and departure must always be ensured. For Tornado, this means uncompromising quality of the door drives.

Sectional Doors


A sectional door is used for closing halls or as a garage door. The door leaf is divided horizontally into several sections and the operator opens and closes the door. Our drive solution for sectional doors is suitable for:

  • balanced and springless doors
  • a door area of up to 60m2
  • door weight up to
  • Speeds up to 1.0m/s
  • operation with reversing contactor control or frequency inverter control

Rollings Shutter Doors


A roller shutter door is used to close off openings in halls or garages that can be walked on or driven on. The advantage over the sectional door is that no area above the interior is required.

Roller shutters can be installed both outside and inside. Different arrangement possibilities of roller shutter components relative to the area of the window or door opening can be provided.

They are made of steel or aluminium.

High-Speed Doors


High-speed doors are door systems that are predominantly installed in the commercial and industrial sectors. The main difference lies in the high running speed and the number of load changes (opening and closing). The high travel speeds (in some cases more than 4 m/s) and the frequency of closing operations during operation cause high loads which must be taken into account in the design. Likewise, boundary conditions such as size and installation location place considerable demands on safety and drive technology.

Sliding Gates


The gates glide over a high-quality sliding device to the left or right depending on the installation conditions. Sliding gate operators can be combined with motors of different power ratings depending on the door weight and size. The operator systems also often differ in their equipment. The drive solutions are often operated with a covered, spring-mounted rack and pinion, but also with a coupling or rollers. Tornado offers every drive concept from individual gear units (with integrated anti-drop protection) to the finished installation set. The latter can be supplied with brake, clutch, control, cable set, adapter shaft, corrosion protection, etc.

Machinery Protection Doors


Machine protection door offer high safety, speed, reliability and long service life in the work process and are ideal for industrial areas that require controlled access to machines and production facilities. In certain industrial applications (e.g. automotive) a temporary separation of the machine production area is advantageous.

The machine safety gate serves to protect people by preventing people from approaching the machine during the production process. On the other hand, it ensures a trouble-free production process and increased process reliability.

The door is equipped with a slip-on drive and integrated fall protection and is operated in combination with a frequency converter. Tornado offers every drive concept from individual gearboxes (with integrated safety gear) to the finished installation set. This can be supplied with brake, control system, cable set, light grid connection etc.

Special Door Solutions


Tornado develops special drive units on customer request - e.g. door operators for particularly corrosive environments in the agricultural sector for the company AB AntonBogner.

Solutions for Industrial Doors

Our offer ranges from individual gearboxes and geared motors to complete door drive solutions including control panels.
Tornado offers either direct drives (shaft-mounted drive with hollow shaft and keyway) or sprocket drives (with foot mounting / bracket and shaft-mounted drive).
The drives can be equipped with various emergency actuation solutions (emergency hand crank, emergency hand chain, quick release) to open or close the door in the event of a power failure.

Our products from the TD-Series and the door drive solutions SD / SW, SDA, RDA, VD / VDA and CD-Series form the basis of every solution.
All types can be equipped with different control panels:

  • Reversing contactor (TST-WU, V7e and PIC)
  • Frequency inverters (TST-FUZ, TST-FU2F and TST-FUF3)

In addition, Tornado offers mechanical and electrical Accessories (Door Operators). The TC products are used for special solutions.